88, Harley Street, W1G 7HR
0207 580 7582

Dr Laura Corr

Consultant Cardiologist MBBS PhD FRCP FESC
“I could not have had a better, more professional and more personable consultant cardiologist.” Patient

About Dr Laura Corr

Dr Laura Corr is a Consultant Cardiologist with practices in Harley Street and at the Chelsea Outpatient Centre.

She is a leading expert in cardiology and is known for her outstanding ability to diagnose adult cardiac problems, using state-of-the-art investigations and tests and providing the very best clinical care.

She is consulted and trusted by patients from all over the world. Many have very busy lifestyles and appreciate the privacy and confidentiality her practice provides. They value her approachability, her listening and diagnostic skills and the personalised care that she provides.

Dr Corr’s practice does not stop at diagnosis and immediate treatment; long-term heart health is an important focus. Dr Corr works closely with top specialists in a wide range of associated medical areas – for example, in diabetes and neurology – that could impact on the future wellbeing of her patients. She also collaborates with nutritionists and exercise specialists who work with her patients to help prevent cardiac problems.

“I refer patients to you because of your exceptional qualities. Not only are you an outstanding opinion but unlike many other cardiologists you are always available 24 hours a day to respond to our concerns. You are also brilliant with all patients and provide an amazing service. There is simply no one else like you.” Referring GP