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Dr Laura Corr

Consultant Cardiologist MBBS PhD FRCP FESC

Publications & Press

Academic Publishing

Dr Corr has a very strong scientific background, having been awarded a PhD in vascular biology during her medical training. She has published papers and editorials in scientific journals including Circulation, Circulation Research and The Lancet

She was appointed Associate Editor of the European Heart Journal in 1997 for an initial term of four years, during which time the impact factor doubled and the journal rose from 29th to rank 4th in the world for cardiology publications. The team were asked to continue for a second term and by 2005 circulation had quadrupled and the impact factor had risen over 400%: the journal now ranks 2nd in the world (1st outside the US) and attracts papers from across the globe.

In 2019 Dr Corr was appointed a member of the Editorial Board of Trends in Urology and Men's Health.

State-of-the-art cardiac magnetic resonance mapping of patient with rare auto-immune disease. Lower images show full recovery after treatment.
Published in Circulation 2016; 133: e25-26

Articles & Broadcasting

Dr Laura Corr’s reputation for early diagnosis for cardiac conditions means that journalists and broadcasters often ask her for comments on heart, diet and health issues. They value her ‘whole-body’ perspective and her down-to-earth, realistic and practical approach to lifestyle changes that are so important for long-term heart health.

She is a regular commentator on Sky News and on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. Dr Corr has also written articles and been interviewed for the Spectator, Net Doctor, Men's Health and the Mail on Sunday

Dr Corr is frequently asked to provide scientific commentary for national newspapers and she was one of the top experts who wrote a guide on 'How to Beat Heart Disease' in The Mail on Sunday in February 2019 . Her pages provided advice and tips about eating to lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, accompanied by healthy and delicious, medically approved recipes.


Healthy Eating Publications

Dr Corr has a longstanding interest in the role of diet and exercise in reducing cardiovascular risk and she challenged established dietary guidelines over 20 years ago (The Low Fat/ Low Cholesterol Diet is Ineffective, European Heart Journal 1997).

In 2014, she published a best-selling book on food choices and cholesterol called Eat Your Way to Lower Cholesterol (Orion) with Dr Ian Marber which was reviewed by The Irish Independent and promoted in You magazine (The Daily Mail) and the Mail Online. 

Here are a few of the reviews of her book: 

"Excellent. I used the tips for 3 months and lowered my cholesterol to a much better level."

"With the help of this book I reduced my cholesterol from 6.4 to 4.7 in four months – best buy ever for me."

"Excellent book with excellent recipes to ensure I eat healthily. It was especially relevant after recently suffering a heart attack."

"Great book with really useful and practical recipes."

"Excellent book. Has helped me lower my cholesterol without statins. Love the beetroot muffins!"

"Lovely recipes. Jury is still out about my level of cholesterol. I feel full for longer and don't tend to snack."


"Bought this for my sister who needs to reduce her cholesterol levels. Delicious recipes, easy-to-follow recipes and not at all complicated."

"Absolutely lovely cookbook ..... Explains things clearly and has some great ideas."

"Great, fantastic, I don't even feel like I'm on a diet and I'm losing weight."

"This book is helpful with recipes to lower cholesterol – a bane of many people's lives. A useful addition to my cookery collection and all the recipes I have tried so far have been good. I have to wait for my next cholesterol reading to see if the promised reduction materialises."