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Dr Laura Corr

Consultant Cardiologist MBBS PhD FRCP FESC


Dr Laura Corr receives many letters and emails from her patients and referring GPs and the testimonials here are quotations from just some of them. (Testimonials from referring GPs and colleagues have a mauve background; those from patients – and relatives of patients –  are in grey; and the one in yellow is an entry in the last Tatler: The 250 Best Private Consultants.)   

All doctors today are required by the GMC to undergo an independent assessment that gathers feedback from patients on their qualities as a doctor. The results of this are shown at the bottom of this page.

“I have been privileged to have a consultation with you, for which I am most grateful. It was not only supportive but so constructive – you listened and understood, then made sense of the whole situation. ” Patient
“I want you to know that you are everything a doctor should be – technically/ medically proficient at the highest level, totally straightforward and completely human. I am lucky to be your patient.” Patient
“Valued for her superb clinical expertise in all aspects of adult cardiology, Laura Corr is renowned for her ability to listen and explain the problem clearly. She has a particular interest in the use of ultramodern imaging techniques for early diagnosis and prevention of disease. She deals with a high-profile clientele with sensitivity and discretion, and many of her patients come through personal recommendation. She is described by others as 'gently authoritative' 'persuasive' 'caring' and 'highly intelligent'. ” Tatler: The 250 Best Private Consultants
“It was a year ago I had my first appointment with you – in itself a stroke of good fortune for which I am ever grateful. I have a great admiration of you and all that you have done for me, to the extent that I find it difficult to find suitable words of thanks – but a big 'thank you' just the same. ” Patient
“We could never have achieved this without your professional intervention, so thank you very much. ” Relative of Patient
“I am writing to you with gratitude for your kindness and patience in outlining my problems – if you had not decided to become a cardiologist, you would have achieved equal eminence as a psychological counsellor. I shall always be deeply beholden to you for your kindness, understanding and advice. ” Patient
“"Thank you for looking after my patients so amazingly well. They all love you and know that they are in the best hands. It makes a huge difference."” Referring GP
“I would find it difficult to improve upon her outstanding professionalism, kindness and care.” Patient
“Top notch.”
“Thank you again for your care of my mother. You are not only giving her the absolute best in medical supervision but you are always so patient, thoughtful and warm to her. It makes a big difference. Thank you.” Relative of Patient
“Well informed. Elegantly dressed. Very professional.” Colleague feedback
“This letter is to thank you personally for the most thorough way in which you looked after me and spotted the signs early on. ” Patient
“Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity this morning, as well as your medical expertise. Ours was the first conversation I've had since my diagnosis where I was neither having to reassure someone else, nor being talked at in a way that did little to help me comprehend my position. ” Patient
“I would like you to accept my extreme gratitude to you personally, and indeed to Dr X, for taking such unbelievable due care and diligence with regard to my heart / artery condition. Having been faced with what would have looked like a fit and healthy man, it would have been so easy and understandable not to be so thorough. However, you were the opposite – relentlessly rechecking all the known facts about my condition. To be there on hand and to execute with the hugely talented and caring people at the Harley Street Clinic is a testimonial to the outstanding reputation that you and the clinic have.” Patient
“Extremely professional and well liked by the patients I refer to her. ” Colleague feedback
“I am just beginning to see a shaft of light in the middle of a very dark tunnel and that is solely down to you… we could never have achieved this without your professional intervention, so thank you very much.” Patient
“An excellent specialist.
 ” Colleague feedback
“As you will appreciate, I come into contact with a lot of professionals in various disciplines, and I hope you appreciate that your approach is really quite special in context and by comparison.” Patient
“Dr Corr is an incredibly professional consultant. Always takes time to listen and explain. Thorough and caring. A wonderful doctor. ” Colleague feedback
“I feel more relaxed and happier for seeing you, which is what good doctoring is all about.” Patient
“We are all so grateful to you for realizing that my mother’s illness was a neurological problem and for referring her so quickly to the best specialist for her. Thank you for your professional expertise and for your kindness.” Relative of Patient
“Laura is a comprehensive, caring and compassionate doctor.” Colleague feedback
“During my initial visit to see Dr X he did say that you had 'very skillful hands'. This, in my albeit non-medical opinion, must be the understatement of the century. Your professional dedication and extraordinary ability gave me immeasurable confidence at a critical turning point in my life.” Patient
“I have excellent medical care and consideration from Dr Corr.” Patient
“I could not ask any more from her – she is an outstanding consultant, very highly respected and valued by her colleagues and patients. 
 ” Colleague feedback
“Thank you again for your professional expertise and for your kindness. ” Relative of Patient 2004
“I enjoy working with Dr Corr – she is always friendly, appreciative and sensitive to both my workload and how I manage her patient group, correspondence etc as she's not based here at the hospital. She continuously strives to ensure the service she provides is to her very best ability (despite the hospital systems!) and her patients are all very fond of her and trust her implicitly” Colleague feedback
“You have enabled me to focus on some important lifestyle issues and choices that I need to make in a way that no other person could have achieved. Thank you for this and for your professional and personal approach to my case.” Patient
“She is one of the best cardiologists I know. Charming, efficient, thorough and extremely knowledgeable. 
” Colleague Feedback
“I could not have had a better, more professional and more personable consultant cardiologist.” Patient
“Anyway, it was a pleasure to be one of your patients, and thank you very much for your care.” Patient
“I refer patients to you because of your exceptional qualities. Not only are you an outstanding opinion but unlike many other cardiologists you are always available 24 hours a day to respond to our concerns. You are also brilliant with all patients and provide an amazing service. There is simply no one else like you. ” Referring GP
“Thank you for all the trouble you have taken to pin down the source of my symptoms, as well as always being so nice and encouraging. ” Patient
“Dr Corr is very professional, passionate and very easy to talk to. She takes her time and is very thorough when dealing with patient.” Colleague feedback
“I would like to thank you once again for helping me to get a swift diagnosis about the condition of my heart. In a world where talk is even cheaper than it used to be, your positive action on my behalf was over and above the call of duty, and I am truly grateful. ” Patient

360 Degree Assessment

All doctors today have to take part in an independent survey. In the most recent report, Dr Laura Corr had top ratings of between 97 to 100% (excellent) from patients in all their responses to questions (see table below).